Raider Up 5K/10K Winners

East Carter High School Football Team, was greeted by a perfect morning for a run Saturday.

Winners in the 5k were:

Overall Winner: Maggie Murphy (25:18.8)

Overall Male Winner: Colby Brammell (32:28.6) Age 6! (He was followed closely by his dad, Brian Brammell (32:39.2), and his big Brother, Blaine Brammell, placed 1st in his age group for the 10k)

Age group Awards 5k:
19 - 24 Female, 1st Place: Jessi Brown
25 - 34 Male, 1st Place: Dan Brown
25 - 34 Female, 1st Place: Stacy Cherry; 2nd Place Holly Jones
35 - 44 Male, 1st Place: Brad Kouns
35 - 44 Female, 1st Place: Jessica Burton; 2nd Place: Kristen Whitson; 3rd Place: Kathryn Turbek
45 - 54 Female, 1st Place: Heather Shelton, 2nd Place: Stacie Lilley
55 & Up Female, 1st Place: Dinah Gilliam
Overall Winner: Bradley Cherry (38:26.6)  
Overall Female Winner: Mandy Langstaff (51:41.5)
Age Group Awards 10k:
13 - 18 Male, 1st Place: Blaine Brammell
19-24 Male, 1st Place: Charles May; 2nd Place: Deven Adams; 3rd Place: Austin Martin
25 - 34 Male, 1st Place: Jason Beckner; 2nd Place: Corey Stephens
25 - 34 Female, 1st Place: Tiffany Kitchen
35 - 44 Female, 1st Place: Ashleigh Freda; 2nd Place: Nikki Christian; 3rd Place: Kristen Whitson
45 - 54 Female, 1st Place: Renee Boss
55 & Up Male, 1st Place: Bill Musick; 2nd Place: Jim Matney; 3rd Place: Jim Porter

Organizers wish to thank sponsors James Accounting, Powers Builders Group and The Running Wife for their support.