Saturday Night Race Recap

Racing Reporter

Jackie Boggs Racing went to Florence Speedway, had a good car and started pole of B-Main but didn't catch the transfer spot.

Shane Bailey Racing put up a good fight in the crate late models @ PRP and finished 2nd! AJ Hicks Racing was giving it their all at Richmond Raceway KY in the crate late models and finished in 2nd!
Jeff Flaugher of Flaugher Motorsports and Brian Sammons were at PRP but didn't have the night they had hoped for.

Myself and my crew at Richmond Raceway KY had my "new to me" car out. The 4 cylinder started the heat off by spinning out in the first turn, then barely hung on for a 4th place finish in my heat. Once back in the pit we quickly learned my setup wasn't correct for the track conditions. So we made so changes and started the feature off in the 4th role inside.

 The car felt twice as good, and with some more seat time I believe I'll have a better hold on her. We ended up finishing in 3rd place.

Not too bad of a night for a bunch of Carter County boys doing they're thing and getting their dirt on! Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July and stays safe! See everyone next weekend.

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