2019 Carter County Fair: Best Dressed Cowboy and Cowgirl Contest (18 photos)

The 16th Annual Best Dressed Cowboy and Cowgirl Contest, sponsored by James Family Outfitters in Grayson, was a huge hit with an enthusiastic Friday evening during the 2019 Carter County Fair.

Lariats, caps guns, fringed jackets, bandanas and spurs were among the accessories for the event, which was judged according to the volume of applause from the crowd.

One-year old Maverick McGee, the son of Dustin and Samantha Gee, earned first place in the Boys Newborn-Two division, with a slight edge on the applause meter vs 8 month old Gunnar Branham, the son of Cody and Brittany Branham.

Reagan Mills, 2, the daughter of Kenneth and Ashley Mills won the Girls Newborn-Two category, competing against Mattie Middleton, 7 months, the daughter of Haley and Dakota Middleton, and Baylee Mullins, 11 months, the daughter of Josh and Callena Mullins,

Kennedy Mills, 5, the daughter of Kenneth and Ashley Mills, won the Girls 5-8 division.

Kash Hanners, 2, the son of Billy and Jessica Hanners won the Boys 2-5 Division.

 Phoenix Gee, 5, the son of Dustin and Samantha Gee, won the Boys 5-8 division, competing against Trace Bond, 7, the son of Sarah Skinner.