CALLIHAN'S POSITIVE SPIN COLUMN: Pups and Pyrex among Brittney Campbell's passions


A member of the Callihan's American Pub & Grill team since 2011, Brittney Campbell has worked her way up from hostess to head bartender.

"My favorite part of the job is probably talking to people. There is never a dull moment and I have made a lot of really good friends here," she said.

When she is not working, Campbell enjoys attending estate sales and auctions, where she keeps her eyes peeled for particular items to compliment and complete her growing collections.
"I collect vintage kitchen ware and pottery," she said, citing brands including McCoy and Shawnee among her favorites. "I love Pyrex. I have a whole room dedicated to Pyrex."

Classic kitchenware not included in her personal collection is likely to be offered for sale at her booth inside the Ashland antiques store Reggie's Attic, she added.

The welfare of animals is even more important to Campbell, who cares for three dogs of her own in addition to providing a foster home for one to three dogs at any given time.

"Right now I have a pitbull, a German Shepherd with epilepsy and a lab from Backroads Animal Rescue and One-By-One Animal Advocates in Huntington," she said, adding she also works with the animal shelters in Boyd and Greenup County to help meet needs.

"I have just always been a dog person. I used to avoid the animal shelter for fear of ir making me sad, but I realized somebody has to do something - and now I can't stop!"

Campbell encourages anyone with a similar desire to help animals to consider volunteering as a foster, donating funds or becoming a sponsor, transport pets and "share Facebook posts," in addition to support for spay and neutering programs.

Campbell says she truly enjoys the people she works with at Callihan's American Pub & Grill.

"I have been here for eight years and I love working for a small business. It has become like family," she said, blushing slightly as she confessed regular customers sometime place bets on her arrival time.

"I'm habitually late," she said. Born and raised in Westwood, Campbell is a member of the Fairview High School Class of 2009, and graduated from Eastern Kentucky University, where she studied psychology, in 2017.