Callihan's Positive Spin Column: Talmadge Callihan

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Callihan's Positive Spin Column

By Tim Preston

From dishwasher to managerTalmadge Callihan was one of the first dishwashers at Callihan’s American Pub & Grill, and practiced practically every job at the restaurant as he worked his way up to the title manager.

“I have worked here nine or 10 years – since it opened pretty much,” he said, explaining he enjoys being part of the Callihan’s team. “There are a lot of challenges … definitely, just dealing with so many people and managing the different sections. You never know what you are going to walk in to,” Callihan said with a chuckle.

In his off-duty hours, Callihan enjoys numerous artistic pursuits, both for his own enjoyment as well as on a professional level as publisher of an illustrated magazine, Gravely Unusual. He enjoys reading science fiction, horror and comic books and cites H.P. Lovecraft among his favorite writers.

“I am a cinephile. I LOVE movies,” he emphasized before adding, “I love all of the arts, really.”

His illustrated magazine, Gravely Unusual, offers “a platform for artists for artists who don’t get to publish in the mainstream,” and includes interviews with “big names” within the comic and illustrated magazine industry.

“Anyone who wants to learn more can go to the website, gravelyunusual.bigcartel.com for more information,” he said.

A longtime musician, Callihan has been a member of several bands and now enjoys recording the songs he writes. “I have been in a few mostly hardcore punk and metal bands, but my dad introduced me to vinyl and classic rock at the age of nine. He showed me how to use the record player when I was nine years old,” he said.

Raised in Flatwoods, Callihan is a member of the Russell High School Class of 2008. He then studied at Ohio University, where he minored in Philosophy and earned a Bachelors Degree in Studio Art.