Grayson Gallery & Art Center: Big Things Ahead (five photos)

Members of the Grayson Gallery & Art center Bboard of directors met this week to approve plans for a myriad of exhibits, performances and exhibitions in the coming months.

Upcoming events at Grayson Gallery & Art Center include the upcoming, August 30, F!nal Fr!day ArtWalk, featuring a musical performance by members of The Return;

The Second Saturday "Holler Down The Holler" Poetry Slam, September 14;

A live performance by award-winning artist Crystal Shawanda with guitarist Dewayne Stroebel, September 27 for next month's F!nal Fr!day ArtWalk.

Second Saturday Arts & Music Shindig featuring Sasha Collette, October 12;

October F!nal Fr!day ArtWalk, featuring a Halloween themed performance by The Vindicated.

Pastel on fungus