Racing Recap: Carter County Boys getting their dirt on! by GUNNER JOHNSON

Wow what a weekend of Carter County Boys getting their dirt on! Hold on to your seats for this weeks recap!
To start off I want to thank everyone for sharing and supporting the race recap and Midnite Society Tattoo for sponsoring it. This really means a lot to me to help keep the light on a sport that to many has forgotten.

This weekend Shane Bailey #1 would travel to PRP Portsmouth Raceway Park to due battle in his crate late model.
When he pulled his #1 car into victory lane, I got to catch up with Shane who has shown great support to the recap and the sport of dirt racing. 

He had this to say: "The car seemed to be pretty close to perfect all night. Started out front in the heat and got passed, just tucked in and tried to hold onto 2nd that put us starting 3rd in the feature. Got a good start and was able to go into turn 1 with the front row cars and things got tight pretty quick. We were able to keep the car straight and stay in the fuel. Got out front and my crew gave me a car that was able to do what it needed to and then it was just up to me to do my job and hit my marks. Can’t thank all my crew and sponsors enough for all they do to help me." 

Jackie Boggs and the #4B Team also was at PRP this weekend. I was able to talk with them for just a second and they were able to share this: "We qualified 10th, won our heat, started 8th in the feature and finished 8th. I want to thank all my crew and fans without them we couldn't keep doing what we love."

Greg Bentley would be in attendance at PRP in his #32 modified I found some information on how his night went. There was 37 mods at PRP last night, came two spots from the transfer. Stayed too conservative and didn't change a lot. Gonna try to put some more speed in this ole bird this week. We had a heck of a good time.

Brain Sammons Jr. And Flaugher Motorsports was also at PRP Saturday night with the #9F modified. Jeff said they had got into a wreck and broke some stuff on the rear of the car. Then, just couldn't catch a break from there. They had a good, fast car, but wasn't the night they had hoped for.

Gunner Johnson #9F (this author) went to Mudlick Valley Raceway with "The Black Pearl" in hope of finally getting to finish a race there. I've been there four times with never making the feature due to the monkeys in my car. 

So here we were, Saturday at three o'clock, trying to get the car finished up to leave for the race. We finally rolled late, and the drivers meeting was already going on. I drew a five which put me in a trophy dash. I wasn't sure if that was good or bad, not knowing how my car was going to act.

So we rolled out for a few hot laps car felt okay. "Pit Daddy" had came up from Richmond to help us out; I believe he knew I had been struggling a bit over there. "Pit Daddy" was quick to get me a setup going, we jumped in, and a made a few adjustments. I rolled out for the trophy dash and was in the back of the pack. I finally got used to the feel of the car, and started making some progress. I ended up winning the dash. 

I was thrilled the car finally felt good, but I still had a long night to go. Since I won the dash, that put me on the pole for my heat race. So, we rolled out for the heat race and they dropped the green. We had a good clean heat race with just a couple cautions; I was able to pulled off a win in my heat. I was really surprised and so excited I forgot to pull over to victory lane. When I came off the track, I went to the trailer. I came back out, got up there, and my crew was thrilled! We really needed this win. We've been working hard for weeks, and finally had a little luck. 

With me winning my heat, that put me starting the outside pole in the feature right next to a fast car. We rolled up to the gate my dad comes over and said, "no matter what, just be safe. I'm proud of you drive this this thing". 

We rolled out for the feature and the green flag dropped. We were off! I finally had figured the track out a little and was getting more comfortable with the car. I was able get a lead and held them off until a caution came out. Then, the green flag dropped, and we were off again. 

I'm just driving this thing like I stole it, and man, I was doing all I could do. I didn't even know who was behind me, but i knew I was leading and couldn't believe it. All of a sudden I seen the white flag out. I didn't believe it, and was getting nervous. 

Then coming back around, I saw my dad jumping straight up and down in turn 2, so I kept the hammer down came out of turn 4. There, I saw my very first checked flag! It was absolutely awesome and we were so happy! 

I just really appreciate everyone who has believed in me and stayed with me for three seasons. It's been a long road, and I hope we can continue to make my fans and sponsors happy. Without all them we couldn't do it. I'm blessed for the opportunities I have.

 #9F thank you all so much. We'll be at Richmond Raceway Saturday the 31st. #nocommercials

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