90K in 90 Days: I Do Love A Challenge

I have chased many impossible dreams in my life.
This is the latest in that series.

In just a few days, we will officially reach the 90 day mark since launching Carter County Post(.com) and there is a real chance we could record 90,000 page views (individual "clicks" on stories and photos) as a true measure of how we are doing.

90,000 views in 90 days?

I never imagined such a thing could happen. This won't be easy, although it can be done.

There is, however, only one way to do it. And, all the self promotion in the world won't get the job done.

If I want to see this happen, I have to provide quality stories and photos of genuine interest to our readers in Carter County, throughout the region, across the state and around the world.

Even if we miss the magic mark, I am incredibly grateful to those who read Carter County Post and who have been so vocal, and generous, in their support of genuine community journalism.

We have lots of great stories set for the next few days, and a full slate of weekend activities to cover.

Every click counts.

Fresh, local stories at sunrise await your approval.