A Fine Day For A Chat On The Front Porch

Johnny and Anna Lois Dale welcomed a passing community journalist to have a seat and enjoy a bit of old fashioned conversation Monday afternoon at their family farm in the Gregoryville community of Carter County.

Anna Lois Dale, who is formerly a Lewis, said they first met in 1948 when Johnny came home after serving in the military during World War II, explaining they reunited and wed after the death of her first husband.

With a bit of prompting from his wife, Johnny recalled his time "at the tail end" of World War II, and his re-enlistment during the Korean War, as well as his service as a reservist until 1988.

Noting the renewed farming operations at the farm, Anna smiled softly as she remembered a time when her son, Bill, was an FFA "Star Farmer" and planted their entire front yard in pumpkins.
"It was beautiful. People would come from the interstate to see it," she said with a grin.