All For Shriners Hospital: "100 percent of it goes to Shriners" (Eight photos)

Members of the Kitchen and Bradford families have teamed up today to raise money in support of Shriners Hospitals, according to event spokesmen Bill and Tina Kitchen.

"I've got family in Shriners and I know what they do for them little fellars," Tina said.
"Everything we sell today - it will all be 100 percent donated. It doesn't matter if it's $200 or $2,000."
The two families have pumpkins, watermelons, pole beans, red and white potatoes, purple and white onions, Honey Select corn, cucumbers, and more.
The locally grown produce will be available along Carol Malone Boulevard in Grayson, at the old Ralph's parking lot, until 3 p.m. or sold out, Kitchen said.