Edwin Callihan Named Regional Entertainment Editor

Artist, author and musician Edwin Callihan
Carter County Post is pleased to announce the addition of Edwin Callihan as Regional Entertainment Editor.
Recognizing the fact many local people often travel elsewhere in pursuit of entertainment, Carter County Post will feature Callihan's stories and photos from far beyond local borders.

"This is an area that just doesn't allow some things to happen. That's why we go to Columbus, Cleveland and places five hours away to spend less than 24 hours to see a band we are not going to see again. We've done that several times," Callihan said.

Concerts will be a staple of Callihan's story contributions.

"Typically metal, punk and hardcore," he said.

Callihan will also draw upon his experiences as with Gravely Unusual magazine.

"Comic and horror conventions are a big thing for me," he said. "Next year I'm looking to up my travels."

In his new role, Callihan has been handed two directives - "Keep it clean" and, "Also come to Carter County." Readers are also welcome to suggest destinations for Callihan and crew.

"I look forward to reading Edwin's road reports as well as his take on visits to places like Carter Caves State Resort Park and Grayson Lake. I think he will especially enjoy opportunities to explore paddling on Tygart Creek and the Little Sandy River, as well as attending local festivals and events such as Olive Hill's Trail Town Stage concerts," said Community Journalist Tim Preston.