Finishing Touches: Carter Childcare & Learning Center

Shawna Messer and Shelby Riley sorted small chairs last week as part of final efforts to prepare for the opening of Carter Chilldcare & Learning Center in Grayson.
Work to complete renovations and open the new Carter Childcare & Learning Center in Grayson is coming down to the details as the team prepares for an open house and opening in the days ahead.
"We know everybody's standing by waiting for this thing to happen," said Ed Messer, owner and self-described "chief bottle washer" at Carter Childcare & Learning Center.

"We want to make it known we are working diligently to bring this facility to the highest standards. We want everything to be as safe as possible," Messer said as he discussed a few of the challenges encountered while converting a former residence into a childcare center capable of accommodating the needs of many people.

Owner/Operator Shawna Messer and Assistant Administrator Shelby Riley said construction crews had to modify their original renovation plans in accordance with a decision to make expand capacity. Initially designed for 42 children and staff, the center will instead welcome up to 60 youngsters full-time, along with a team of about 10 including teachers, administrators and food service employees.

Messer noted Carter Childcare & Learning Center has two restrooms which adhere to rules for handicap access, "for children or any workers who apply." The center is also prepared for children with conditions requiring specific expertise.

For example, Riley explains she has years of experience caring for children with autism on different spectrums. The center's physical design also allows for quiet spaces, Messer added.

"Our hope is to have construction complete in one or two weeks. We will announce a date for an open house as soon as it is done," Messer said, adding any parents with children already enrolled can call to arrange "a sneak peek" before then.
The center on Main Street near Grayson's Racers Food Mart should be open and ready for young guests within a few weeks.
"It looks like early October," Messer said

"We are approaching opening day and we appreciate everyone's patience." Messer said.

For enrollment information or other questions, call 606-474-KIDS (5437).

Construction worker James Roe installs a section of the communications portion of the facilities at the new Carter Childcare & Learning Center.