First Responders Picnic: Women Behind The Badge Show Appreciation (10 photos)

Carter County's police officers, firefighters, ambulance crews and others who are the first to respond in times of trouble were welcomed to a peaceful farm on the edge of the city to enjoy a picnic lunch with loved ones Saturday.

"We do this just to give thanks to our first responders," organizer Lori Whiteside said, noting support and contributions from Tres Hermanos Nunez, Verne Lincoln and Steve Womack (who also provided the location for the picnic) made the afternoon possible.

Whiteside said the host group, Women Behind The Badge, was born when Carter County Sheriff Jeff May's wife, Lynn, "needed to hide out" while her husband and his staff were involved in a highly-publicized and divisive legal situation. The group gained strength after a flash flood event at the local fairgrounds left several first responders without radio communication, and has gone on to support first responder families anytime they can, even including pet care among the aid provided.

"We're a small group, but we can make it happen," Whitesaid said, moments before joining a prayer circle to ask for blessings upon the day's meal, as well as those being honored that afternoon.

For more information, visit the Women Behind The Badge page on Facebook.