Good Reason For Smiling At Sunrise: by TIM PRESTON

It's amazing what a little bit of Sunday morning surprise can do to make this old man grin like a little kid. I'm suddenly quite inspired, and the sun has not yet even appeared. Want to know why?
 Note - I plan to rewrite this piece in a way which can be used as a presentation to business owners and managers. For now, however, you have to understand I am simply tickled beyond belief after glancing at the numbers generated in connection with Carter County Post(.com) and have what I'll call a case of "perma-grin" as I enjoy my Goose Bridle coffee on a quiet Sunday morning.

This is Day 89, and I've been nurturing a crazy goal to record 90,000 individual page views by Day 90. (Grinning "like a possum" as I type this in), I looked at the statistics this morning and we have already sped past that rather ambitious goal.There are more than 92,000 views on the counter before sunrise, and it keeps clicking until 8 p.m. today.

Bear in mind, that does not include posts we have shared on our Facebook page from other FB pages. It required an average of 1,000 readers per day to click and read articles and photos written by members of this community as well as myself, along with articles sent in by local businesses.

Tracking the numbers as we've gotten to this point, one aspect of this online publication is clear.
There simply is no substitute for truly local stories of interest to people in Carter County, as well as across the state, the nation and around the world.

People from here have moved on to everywhere on the planet, but they still like reading about things "from back home."

And, I've also been stunned several times in recent days while out and about wearing my Carter County Post T-shirt. Even at Friday's big game people looked at that shirt, smiled and then looked me in the eye and said, "Fresh, local stories at sunrise!"

Many of them even added, "Where can I get one of those T-shirts?"

Yes I am.
Here comes the sun.

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