Kendra Ison: New Vet At All Creatures Veterinary Care

Kendra Ison began training for her new job at All Creatures Veterinary Care at an early age.
"I wanted to be a vet as a child. Probably when I got my first pony (named Diamond) … She was mean!," she said, taking a brief pause after a full day at the clinic in Grayson.

"I had a little vet book," she added with a smile, explaining she studied the book often before deciding to enroll in pre-veterinary classes at Morehead State University, and later at Lincoln Memorial University, where she was a member of the school's second graduating class.

Ison was born and raised near Sandy Hook, and graduated from Elliott County High School in 2011, where she was known by her maiden name, Harper. She and her husband, Adam, enjoy camping as well as archery, and time with their two dogs, Doc and Zelda, and kitten, Peppermint Patty.
"She was a stray. She was sweet and cuddly the first week we had her. Now she just runs around chasing and biting me!"

When asked of her non-working pursuits, she said "I love to paint," adding she is especially fond of "animals and landscapes, of course. A lot of my paintings have cows ."

Working at the veterinary clinic in Grayson has expanded her skills and knowledge, Ison said.
"I enjoy all of it and a focus on large and small animals. Doctor Gibson and Doctor Partridge have helped me expand to exotic animals," she said.

While she tends to enjoy all aspects of the job, Ison said there is one part of the job she does not particularly like. "I'm not crazy about removing warbles (parasites). That's one cringe-worthy thing for me."