"Lord, Honey": Celebrity Chef Jason Smith Announces Apparel

Celebrity Chef Jason Smith's new apparel can be found at www.southerncountrybling.com
"Lord Honey, I've moved from the kitchen to the runway for a while," Celebrity Chef Jason Smith said Friday morning during a visit to All That Bloomz in Grayson while announcing the latest in his new line of "Country Bling" clothing.
"Fashion has always been a part of my being even before TV," said Smith, who is currently featured on a cluster of Food Network shows including Best Baker In America, Worst Baker In America, Best Thing I Ever Ate, Haunted Gingerbread Wars, Holiday Wars and a new show, Extra Sweet.

Country Bling
Smith's clothing designs were first released this summer and the fall line hit the streets last week, he said. The clothing is seasonally themed, with each design being retired and replaced for spring, summer, winter and fall. "Next fall's will be different than this fall's," he explained.

Each includes "one of my Jason-isms," he said, explaining phrases including his signature "Lord Honey" as well as other catchy expressions from his colorful collection of phrases.

"One says, 'Autumn Skies and Punkin' Pies," he said, adding the spring line will include, "Slap My Butt And Call Me A Biscuit."

Jasonisms: The Recipe
Smith said he is sometimes amused by people who try to come up with a recipe for "Jasonisms," as the formula isn't too tricky. "You have to have an animal at a time of day in a place, and it's doing something," he said with a chuckle.

Cooking With An Accent
Food Network viewers often cite Smith's Kentucky accent among the reasons they enjoy watching him."I lost my G's a long time ago … I think 'Y'all' is the third word of every sentence I say, so we put it on everything," he said, smiling as he verified the spelling of "punkin" on one of his new shirts.

Fans of Smith's "Country Bling" styles have many things to look forward to on the market, he said.
"We will have umbrellas, mugs, books - you name it. We have a lot of different items coming out," he said, adding his own surprise at the amount of time required to select, approve and market products.

"Hold onto your britches! We've got a lot of things coming out!"

Cafeteria Time
As his TV time increased, Smith had to say goodbye to his job as cafeteria manager at Isonville Elementary in Elliott County.

"I miss my kids and the staff, but I still see them when I stop in. I do not miss getting up at 3:30 in the morning and getting to work!"