Marvin Carroll: A Carter County Treasure by MIKE BARKER

Marvin Carroll is now in his 80's and has played bluegrass music and mountain music for nearly 75 years! He started out in music with a banjo when he was eight years old. 

“The first song I learned on the banjo was Cripple Creek. I nearly drove my mother insane while I was leaning it.”
He entered a talent contest soon after in Grahn and won first place. He said his prize was a 5 pound bag of flour.

Over the years his interest turned to the fiddle which became his calling in music. In his life, he has played with several groups like The Homer Ledford Band, Dusty Valley Grass, and the Bluegrass Grass Travelers.

Several years ago, when Tom T. Hall was here for Homecoming, John Hartford, Gentle On My Mind fame, came with him, and Marvin played for John Hartford so that John could dance. Marvin had a fall a couple years ago and it has greatly affected his mobility. He does not get to perform in public much anymore because of not being able to stand for any length of time, but if you are traveling up Goose Creek on some Wednesday evening, you can still hear him playing on the front porch of the house. He still plays the best version of Sally Goodin and the Orange Blossom Special that I have ever heard!
Marvin is also a graduate of Berea College and served as the loan officer for the Fleming County bank.
After all these years, Marvin has never lost the love of performing music, and helping young musicians perfect their skills.