Racing Recap: Labor Day Weekend

Hope everyone has enjoyed the holiday weekend. A lot or racing went on but some of our regular Carter County Boys took off this weekend.

Kirk Phillips #21 took his late model out to the Beast of the East, Richmond Raceway, where he was leading in the points race. Kirk and his crew had a fast car and looked good, unfortunately he got hit and was unable to finish the night out. I was unable to get in contact with him to get more details. AJ Hicks loaded up his crate late model and hit I64 west bound to Richmond Raceway to race in the Labor Day Shoot out. He had a fast car all night and ended up finishing 2nd in the feature.

Jeff Flaugher, of Flaugher Motorsports, would load up and head to Richmond Raceway as well packing the #9F GRT Modified (which is for sale) for Allen Hackworth Jr. to try for the first time. Allen would roll out and hit the wall one the first lap, and Jeff and the gang were quick to jump in and get the GRT fixed for the heat race. Allen would be on the tail, and ended up looking really good. He moved up a few spots in the heat.

Allen would start the feature and did very well, as he was trying to figure out the car. Unfortunately,  he would spin himself out twice and be forced to take her into the pits. Allen Hackworth Jr. said he really wanted to thank Jeff Flaugher for the awesome opportunity in letting him wheel that bad boy around the track. He believes with a few more races he could get the hang of the car. He really appreciate everyone for all the help and support.

Brian Sammons "Boogie" would also head to Richmond Raceway Saturday with both of the S&S Motorsports modifies. They would be driven by Jimmy Lennex Jr. and "WOW" is what we all had to say. Jimmy took the #B5 Sport Mod out to qualify and broke the track record in that class! Jimmy would go on to win his heat race and then go onto win the Bubba's Towing Sport Mods class. That was Jimmy's first win at Richmond Raceway, but he has had many 2nd place finishes there. He was  excited to have that checked flag, maybe even more so because of the close friendship to Bubba & Amanda Johnson who help sponsor that class. 

Jimmy also drove the A Modified and had a great night in it as well. Jimmy would end up finishing 3rd in the feature. Spoke with Jimmy after and he wanted to thank Boogie and his dad Jimmy Lennex Sr. for everything and looks forward to doing it again.

Gunner Johnson (myself) would be at the Beast of the East as well. Saturday night was my first night out in one of my cars I have had for a few weeks now. I had loaned it out to my good friend Allen Hackworth Jr. when his car #33 needed a little attention. I was  excited but still worried; you always worry getting into a race car, especially when it is one you've never drove. 

I took it out for qualifying and well ended up 6th. I came into pit very aggravated in myself and the car. The steering wheel was hitting my legs. So, I was talking it over with dad, "Bubba", and "Pit Daddy ", Allen Hackworth Sr. Pit Daddy jumped in and adjusted what he could at the time with the tools we had. It helped tons, so I rolled out to the heat race and was able to finish in 3rd. 

The car and I still was not getting along very well. So, still upset, we talked as we were working on all these different cars. When my dad said, "Gunner instead of looking at all things you don't like about the car look at all the things you do like". He also said, "just slow down out there and breathe a little and just have fun that's why we are here, as long as you try you never need to be upset". 

So, I rolled out for the feature, the green flag dropped, and total chaos broke loose. I saw Allen Hackworth getting hit and slamming into the wall and cars swarming all over. We weren't even past the flag stand! I thought to myself that this is going to get real and get real fast. I was a bit futher into the feature, and found myself in 2nd place. Allen Hackworth was at the tail and I didn't know what was going on. I looked over and got a few different hand signs from pops. I was thinking "okay, I can do this". We hit it again- green flag was out and we were rolling on. I can't really tell you a lot from there other than it was a "Drive it like you stole it time". From there, I saw Allen's front end a time or two, and then I saw a couple others.  

It wasn't long after I saw a checked flag and we were in 2nd. I come into the infield and my crew was very happy. I just can't thank everyone enough for everything. It really means the world to me! A special thanks to Kenny Hemmann, Pit Daddy, Allen Hackworth Jr., Bubba Johnson #9F #nocommercials

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