Racing Recap September 14: "A Killer Weekend Of Racing!" by GUNNER JOHNSON

Wow- what a killer weekend of racing we had!

Boogie Sammons would start off Friday night going to The new MRP in Ohio with his #B5 Sport Mod. Jimmy Lennex Jr. would once again be driving it.
Friday Jimmy was on a roll- winning his heat race and the feature for the team! Jackie Boggs would also be at MRP. Boggs, with only 7 laps to go in the feature, would have to pull out of the race due to a break down.

Saturday night was a big night for Richmond Raceway.
They were having a large purse of $5,000 to win the KDRA super stocks race. There was over 40 cars that showed up in that class with hopes of making the feature.

Once the feature rolled around, we would find Logan Preston on pole in the #89 and Allen the "Punisher" Hackworth on outside pole in the #110. Man, what a race! The green flag dropped and it was side by side racing for nearly ten laps.  Unfortunately, Allen lost all brakes and had no choice but to pull off the track. Logan Preston would go on to lead every lap and win the $5,000 dollar pay out!

Flaugher Motorsports would be at Richmond Raceway Saturday with their GRT #9F modified and Brian Sammons Jr. at the wheel. It just wasn't the night they had hoped for and came up short. Jimmy Lennex Jr. would also be at Richmond Raceway Saturday night with his Lennex Racing #8 Modified. Lennex Jr. had a fast car all night, but just couldn't get it where he wanted it. Jimmy wanted to thank all his supporters, his dad, and his wife for always supporting him.

Gunner Johnson would be at Richmond running his black stallion #9H. After a decent hot lap qualifying on a slick track, he qualified #4. Allen "The Punisher" Hackworth was also doing battle, and he qualified #3rd. They quickly learned that they would be going straight to a feature- no heat racing. Gunner & Allen were both fine with that!

They'd start on the 2nd row; Gunner on outside and Allen on inside. They get rolling well, and Gunner and Allen would be battling it out for 3rd when Allen lost fuel pressure and had to pull off the track. Gunner would go onto finish 3rd. I spoke to Allen and he wanted to thank his dad, Pit Daddy, and his wife Brittany for always backing him up 100%,. Allen also wanted to thank his crew family and friends for all they do to help keep the team rolling.

I've included pictures this week taken by Michael Boggs Photography, so you can put a face or a car with the names. That is what is so awesome about this kind of paper- no limits to photos or information.

Also, I really need a sponsor for this month's Race Recap. I would really appreciate it, and hopefully we can keep this going even through the off season. I'm wanting to travel around to different race shops and give reports from teams and their plans, along with photos and information of off the track life as a race car driver and car owner.
I hope you enjoyed this weeks Recap #9F #nocommercials