Fall Foliage Sunday Drive by Michelle Brand

Fall is a favorite season here in our corner of Appalachia. Warm sunny days and cold night-time temperatures flip the switch for nature to put on a brilliant show of colors.

A leisurely Sunday drive south up rt. 7 to Laurel Gorge made for a enjoyable afternoon of sight-seeing the beautiful fall foliage with the family.

We are so very blessed to live in an area with such stunning scenery literally in our own backyard. We viewed Laurel Gorge from both look-outs, walked a short ways into the woods on a trail, watched yellow leaves float lazily down the river, studied a huge colorful mural by a folk artist on the side of the biggest tobacco barn we have ever seen, enjoyed the colorful mountain forest colors and the still blue waters of Grayson Lake.

We all spent the day exploring the outdoors, snapping photos and enjoying precious time with family.

How about you? Where is your favorite fall foliage? Take a walk, ride a horse, drive a car. Grab a loved one and go enjoy some nature. You'll return home with a big smile on your face and a renewed feeling of well-being.