Movie Review: The Shining by EDWIN CALLIHAN

There is not a better way to escort the Halloween season into full effect than watching scary movies— especially on the big screen!

Some of the greatest films have long since screened in theaters. Classics like Dracula, The Exorcist, and even slashers like Friday the 13th have rarely had the chance to be enjoyed from the seats of the theater. Luckily, the KYOVA theater has given the community a chance for the old heads and a new generation of cinephiles to see, arguably, one of the greatest horror films ever, The Shining.

Most of us have seen Kubrick’s adaptation of Stephen King’s classic novel more than a few times. Some might ask why see it again? Simple. It's The Shining, and to experience the unique tracking shots, claustrophobic atmosphere, and the pounding tribal-like score building madness on a grand scale is something sublime that you can’t get sitting on your couch. Oh, and we can't forget those ghastly inhabitants haunting the Torrance family in their winter stay at the secluded Overlook Hotel. Creepy!

The element that seems to really chill the bones is Jack Nicholson’s performance as the mentally unstable Jack Torrance. Between the walls of the Overlook, we experience the brooding madness that slowly constricts Jack and eventually sending him over the edge on a violent rampage. Here's Johnny!

 Under Kubrick’s direction, the majority of the film seems to be from the perspective of a wandering spirit creeping around the corners with its meticulous use of angles or hiding in the darkness with various lighting techniques that specifically stand out in the terrifying visions of young Danny Torrance. At other times we are right there with Jack losing his mind. 

Aside from a boring review of a movie that has been discussed for the last forty years for its place cemented in cinema history, the most astonishing part about the screening was the audience that showed up to enjoy a classic film.

The credits rolled, the lights went up, and I got up from my seat to turn to a large crowd of all ages exiting the theater grinning after a good flick! There was even a couple of folks clapping. It's safe to say we all had a great time being scared.

It is hopeful that with such a good turnout the community might get more chances to screen great films, and not just horror, but all the good stuff! To be honest, I would love to see some more horror on the big screen, they are the most entertaining movies! Plus, streaming a movie will never compare to the actual theater experience, even if you do have buttery popcorn and a coke. So, I urge everybody that loves films: Support the theater and go to the movies!