Officer Marsha Hall: Dessert Bidding Is Hot

Expect a bit of fierce bidding from the county attorney and assistant fire chief, among others, if you want to take home the bread pudding, cornbread or peanut butter cake included in an ongoing dessert auction to benefit Grayson Police Officer Marsha Hall.

Smith, a local resident perhaps best known for his numerous Food Network TV appearances and programs, said the recipe is a known crowd pleaser.

"It's a take on an old family recipe but with a 'Lord, honey Country Bling' twist. People go crazy over this bread puddin'," Smith said.

County Attorney Brian Bayes currently has the high bid for Smith's "Fall Spiced Bourbon Caramel Bread Puddin'" at $60.

Mexican cornbread by Joe Hammer has also been subject to intense bidding, with Grayson Assistant Fire Chief Kyle Morgan holding the current high bid at $70, but has been outbid in his quest for a peanut butter cake from Tyler's Pizza in Olive Hill by Cindy Stratton, who offers $75 for the dessert.

Bidding ends at 6 p.m. Friday and pick up/drop will be early Saturday morning at Prichard Elementary.

"It’s been a huge success within the community and people have really stepped up to show Marsha support. Everyone is living up to the motto of “Back the Blue,” said Carol Stewart, one of the event's organizers.

Marsha Hall, 42, a mother of two who also takes care of a grandchild, was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer. Local doctors have given her a grim diagnosis and she is awaiting an appointment in Houston for a second opinion. Marsha was formerly School Resource Officer at ECHS and a Ranger at Carter Caves State Park.

All proceeds from the auction will go directly to the Marsha to help with travel expenses for her upcoming appointments. There is also a donate button on the Women Behind The Badge Facebook page which will also go directly to the Hall family.

Among the desserts up for bids in the auction to benefit Grayson Police Officer Martha Hall is a bread pudding created by TV Celebrity Chef Jason Smith.