Racing Recap: Carter County Boys in Full Swing 10/6/19

The Carter County Boys were in full swing this past weekend as the 2019 racing season slowly closes in on us.

Well, here we are Saturday October 5th, loading up and heading to Richmond Raceway for our final race this season. A very big night for the race teams and the race track it is the final night for the points and it's also "Paint the Town Pink" breast cancer awareness night. There was a full house on deck and everyone was excited for the race!

Jackie Boggs #4B and his crew took the weekend off to get ready for the DTWC coming up at Portsmouth Raceway Park.
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AJ Hicks was on hand and race ready. He was looking to be the crate late model points champion for 2019. AJ would do it up right too. He was unstoppable- he had a killer car all night. AJ qualified 2nd to start the night off, and finished 2nd in the feature. He still secured the points championship.

Shane Bailey #1 went to Beckley W.V. for the American Crate All Star Race and made the show. But, he got tangled up in the opening. He reported, "we felt like we were getting a handle on the track but our night was cut short, time to rebuild everything for the DTWC".

Boogie Sammons and the S&S Motorsports modifies was in the attendance at Richmond Raceway with the #B5 Modified and #B5 Sport Mod. Jimmy Lennex Jr. would be driving for the team. Jimmy qualified 2nd in the UMP Modified and qualified 1st in the Bubba's Towing Sport mods. Jimmy Lennex Jr. started the feature in the UMP modified. On lap 17, something broke on the #B5 car and he had to pull her off. Jimmy would go out in the Sport Mod and lead every lap and park the S&S Motorsports #B5 in victory lane.

Flaugher Motorsports would be in Richmond with their GRT modified #9F with Brian Sammons Jr. behind the wheel. They wouldn't have the night they had hoped for due to a wreck early on in the night. This would cause them to load up and call it a night.

Gunner Johnson #9F and Allen "The Punisher" Hackworth #33 would be in battle mode at Richmond Raceway. Saturday was the night to let it all hang out since it was the last race of the season at Richmond.

David Lucas #81 would be in attendance as well. After his roll over, he was able to get the car fixed and finish the season out at Richmond. The night would start off pretty normal. Allen #33 would qualify 2nd and Gunner #9F qualified 4th. David Lucas #81 was 6th, and Buzz Henson #46 was #1 qualifier. Gunner and Allen would be in the 2nd heat race side by and finish in 1st and 2nd place. Allen would be on outside pole of the feature with Gunner right behind him on the 2nd row outside. The feature would quickly turn into a battle between friends and teammates. 

Allen #33 and Gunner #9F would be putting pedals down and giving they're all. I (Gunner) just couldn't have been more happy to be up front running against Allen. There is no one I'd rather race against. When I'm racing with Allen I know it's going to be all or nothing. Allen brings out the best in me; he sets the bar high. Allen is a seasoned veteran behind the wheel of a race car and he knows how to make you become a better racer every time you race against him. I've had several drivers I've looked up to over the passed few years, but no one more then Allen because of the way he carries himself on and off the track. Allen has shown me how to be better on and off the track; you don't always win and sometimes you have bad luck- but Allen never changes who he is either way. 

Big David Lucas #81 was really running good, and I'm so happy for him. He has had a heck of a time the season, but he always has a great attitude no matter what's happening. I absolutely love his hashtags on Facebook: #busyandgrateful and #nevergiveup. That really hits home as a fellow racer.

Hunter Flaugher #13F would pickup his first win at Willard Kartway in the AKRA class.

I want to personally thank Tim Preston and the Carter County Post for this opportunity to cover our racing community. I also would like to thank all the drivers and team members who have helped communicate with me. I'm wanting to get up with these teams in the off season and see what is going on, and help keep the fans updated. There are a few races left that I'll be touching on. I really appreciate everyone for taking the time to read my race recap. Please like and share our stuff here at CCP.

Jackie Boggs

Shane Bailey

AJ Hicks

Kirk Phillips

Richie Edwards

Boogie Sammons

Brain Sammons Jr.

Jeff Flaugher

Allen Hackworth Jr.

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I need to add Cody Cater #c6 made his day view over at Mudlick Valley Raceway Saturday in his mini stock mustang. He had and good first time out, said it took the heat race to figure it all out a little. He started 5th in the feature and finished 3rd not bad at all for the first out and first time in a dirt car.