Baby Layne's Birthday: Celebrating Three Years

It almost seems like yesterday or just last week when the words "Pray For Baby Layne" were seen on signs, and echoing in hearts and minds, throughout Olive Hill, Carter County and beyond.
"Baby Layne" Minor celebrates his third birthday today, on the day after Thanksgiving 2019.


The Cake Of Many Colors and My Mother’s Last Christmas By JERRY LANKFORD

I am no baker of cakes.
In fact, every one I’ve tried to make has come out lopsided and lousy.
There was one cake, however, that I was determined to make. It was a gum drop cake.

Henri's Market & Deli: Now Open In Olive Hill

Customers visited Henri's Market & Deli in Olive Hill on the first day of business at the new restaurant/deli/bar in Olive Hill on the day before Thanksgiving, 2019.


Grayson Gallery & Art Center to present "Funeral Traditions of the South"

The Grayson Gallery & Art Center will present "Funeral Traditions of the South", a photographic essay designed to document and preserve the diverse heritage of Southern funerals, Friday, November 29 from 6 to 8 p.m.

Henri's Market & Deli: Opening Day Today

Tending to final details and cleanup duties, members of the Henri's Market & Deli team paused for a group photo on the eve of their grand opening.
Henri's Market & Deli will open in Olive Hill today, November 27, 2019 with full deli service and an initially limited menu.


KCU Men Take Loss To Reinhardt University 85-92 by MICHELLE BRAND

Saturday afternoon was a gray, dreary day but inside the KCU gym things were heating up with college B-ball!

Aaron Kitchen's "The Rocker Life" Podcast Climbing The Charts

Musician Aaron Kitchen of Carter County has launched a new music interview podcast called The Rocker Life. The show has quickly shot up to #29 on the Apple Podcast Music Interview Chart while already offering some of the music industry’s biggest names as guests.


COLUMN: SENATE WEEK IN REVIEW By Senator Robin L. Webb (one photo)

FRANKFORT – We are less than 50 days from the beginning of the 2020 Kentucky General Assembly and it is approaching rapidly.

Old Barns Of Carter County: Part 11 (34 photos)

Located in Lawton, this old barn caused Community Journalist Tim Preston to gasp and say, "That is beautiful," when he first laid eyes on it.

Final Day of Open House Today: Carter Childcare & Early Learning Center (15 photos)

The last day for open house tours and visits at Carter Childcare & Early Learning Center at 708 East Main Street, Grayson is scheduled for 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., today, Nov 26, 2019. Parents are welcomed to stop in for a tour and refreshments. The new facility is still enrolling, with a few spaces remaining available.


Frankfort Focus with State Representative Kathy Hinkle

FRANKFORT – This week, family and friends will sit down at the dinner table as they have for generations to enjoy what is one of the oldest American-based traditions.

Henri's: Almost Ready, Thanksgiving Meal Planned (seven photos)

There are still TVs to mount and tabletops to set, but everything appears to be set and ready for the opening of Henri's Market & Deli next week in Olive Hill.

A Good Year For Goose Bridle Coffee Roasters

2019 has been a good year for Will Stevens and Goose Bridle Coffee Roasters, with plans to finish the year on a high note as people stock up on artisan-roasted coffees for gifts as well as personal enjoyment.

A Christmas Story: Lessons of Life & Love From My Mother - By JERRY LANKFORD

"Momma as a little girl. We found it under the clock on the mantel after she died," author Jerry Lankford wrote.
Years ago, Momma told me a story about an old, dried up Christmas tree.


Oh, the Places the Post May Go! (Tim doesn't know about this!)

Where do we think Carter County Post will be in 3 months? What about 2 years? We are unsure, but we know where WE want it to be. The real answer lies in all of you- all 27,000 residents of Carter County.

Christmas Eve, 1969 by JERRY LANKFORD

Looking out the window of my parents’ bedroom, my momma, Willa Mae Lankford, pointed to the sky. “Look! There he goes,” she said.


Old Barns Of Carter County: Part 10 "3 Kids Of The Barn" (14 photos)

This small barn near Smith Run in western Carter County was likely used for livestock and storage, with evidence indicating it was also a hideout and headquarters for "3 Kids Of The Barn".

Spray Paint On Broken Promises: WARNING - Contains Crude and Vulgar Images

NOTE: This photo gallery contains images which depict vandalism on private property, as well as crude and vulgar messages and imagery. Sensitive readers and young viewers are asked to not view the following contents.

Orange Slices, Creme Drops & A Coconut: Christmas Memories

Old-Fashioned Christmas candies from Upper Tygart Mini Mart were used to create a beautiful display at All That Bloomz in Grayson this week.
For many people, "old fashioned" types of candy will always bring Christmas memories.


Feeding The Family: KCU Cafeteria Team Serve Tastes From Home (14 photos)

The culinary crew at Kentucky Christian University in Grayson served 413 guests an early Thanksgiving meal Wednesday with visitors including students, faculty members, family and friends who shared the traditional dinner with many residents of the area.

Inside "The Mushroom Mines" of Carter County (18 photos)

It was dark as midnight as we passed through Olive Hill at 6 p.m. on November 20, 2019 heading toward a place which holds special rank in local memories and history, commonly known as "The Mushroom Mines."


Candies, Case Knives and Christmas Memories: Upper Tygart Mini Mart (14 photos)

Around this time of year, Upper Tygart Mini Mart in Carter County sell tons of candy one pound at a time as old-fashioned "sweets" continue to connect families and friends for Christmas and Thanksgiving.


Old Barns Of Carter County: Part 8 (14 photos)

A frosty morning in fall provided sparkling foreground for a recent photography session at a barn in rural Carter County.


Holiday Fair Fashion Show: Carter County Homemakers Annual Event (more than 80 photos)

Models from Carter, Boyd and Elliott County provided guests at the 29th Annual Carter County Homemakers Holiday Fair a good look at fashions for all ages and events as they took turns on stage wearing apparel provided by Wilma's Dress Shop, based in Grayson.

Behind The Lens - What A Year!: by MICHAEL BOGGS

Wow what a year it’s been from behind the lens and it’s not over yet.


Open House Dates Set: Carter Childcare & Early Learning Center (eight photos)

Open House events at Carter Childcare & Early Learning Center have been scheduled for Saturday, Nov 23 from 8 a..m.-4 p.m and at the same times on the following Monday and Tuesday Nov 25 and 26.

Laura Jane Phelps: 6th Generation Attorney (five photos)

Representing the sixth generation of her family to practice law in Carter County, Laura Jane Phelps is now part of the team at Wilhoit Law Office in Grayson.


Broken Drum Records: Re-Opening Today (14 photos)

Broken Drum Records will re-open at 10 a.m. today in the lower level of the Antiques N Uniques building at 602 N. Carol Malone Boulevard, Grayson.


Ladies Night Is Tonight!: Kee's Farm Service

Catering to the tastes and needs of their female patrons, the team at Kee's Farm Service & Supply are hosting "Ladies Night" from 5 to 8 p.m. today, Thursday, November 14, 2019.

KCU Men's Basketball on the Hardwood Wednesday Night by Michelle Brand

KCU Men's Basketball team played a very physical tough game against the Union College Bulldogs November 13,2019.

KCU Lady Knights Win against Union by Michelle Brand

An exciting night of women's basketball at Dick Damron Hall of Champions!


OLBH’s Home Health Receives Four Star Rating from CMS

The Bellefonte Home Health Care Agency, the home health agency of Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital (OLBH), has been awarded a four-star rating by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

KCU Mens Soccer: Senior Night 2019 by MICHELLE BRAND

This week's home game for the KCU Knights men's soccer team celebrated Senior Night with a winning score of 1-0 against Johnson.

"On God" Video Shot In Grayson: Retrac OC & Semi Townsend

"Retrac OC and Semi Townsend" recently recorded portions of a video for their song "On God" at Grayson Gallery & Art Center, under the direction of Louisville-based Videographer Roman Lane with vehicular support from members of Grayson's Nunez family.



FRANKFORT — To the winners of the recent statewide elections, Congratulations and to all who put their name on the ballot, THANK YOU! The newly elected and re-elected candidates will assume their term on Tuesday, December 10, 2019.

Poetry Slam: Holler Down The Holler November, 2019 (nine photos)

Cash for poetry? It is true. Jeremy D. Wells hands out cash to poets who prove themselves able to get a crowd's attention, and approval, during the monthly Holler Down The Holler poetry slam at Grayson Gallery & Art Center.

Soup Beans & Salmon Patties: Grayson Fire Department Veterans Day Dinner

U.S. Army Couples - Leola and William Lewis of Ashland, as well as Sue and Ronald Gene Perry of Flatwoods, were among the veterans who were served dinner at the Grayson Fire Department Monday.
Military veterans from across the region visited the Grayson Fire Department to enjoy good company and a dinner of soup beans, cornbread, salmon patties, fried potatoes, sauerkraut with kielbasa sausage, dessert and drink in celebration of Veterans Day 2019.

Friday Night Tasting Event: Grayson Beverage Center (four photos)

Customers at Grayson Beverage Center enjoyed an opportunity to taste a few new products Friday evening as renowned tasting host Scott Abraham of Southern Distributors greeted customers at Grayson Beverage Center.

The Camera Loves Zeus: A Chance Encounter (nine photos)

Community Journalist Tim Preston has a strange obsession with photographing almost every dog he meets. In less than five seconds, Zeus provided instant-favorite imagery.


Veterans Day Soup Bean Supper: Grayson Fire Department

Home made corn bread awaits veterans and their supporters until 7 p.m. this evening at the Grayson Fire Department.
America's military veterans, as well as their family and friends are welcomed inside the Grayson Fire Department until 7 p.m. today (November 9, 2019) to enjoy a dinner of soup beans, cornbread, salmon patties, fried potatoes, sauerkraut with kielbasa sausage, dessert and drink.

Veterans Day 2019: East Carter High School Honors Local Veterans (30 photos)

Local men and women who served in the nation's military were honored and recognized Monday morning with a breakfast followed by a formal ceremony in the East Carter High School gym.

Free Haircuts For Veterans Today: Divas & Dudes Salon (four photos)

Keith Erwin, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, enjoyed a free haircut and facial hair touch up from Divas & Dudes Salon Owner Lori Lewis on Veterans Day. The salon on Carol Malone Boulevard (across from Antiques N Uniques) is providing free haircuts and beard trims until 4 p.m. today, November 9, 2019.

Breakfast For Carter County's Veterans at East Carter High School

Carter County's military veterans began enjoying a hearty breakfast at 8 a.m. Friday, served by members of the Family Career & Community Leaders of America, at East Carter High School. A Veterans Day ceremony honoring those who served in each of the nation's five military branches is set to begin at 10 a.m. today, November 11, 2019.

Bayso's Anniversary: "Six Years of Baysos. Good Lord."

The scene during a recent quiet afternoon at Bayso's Sports Pub, which opened on Hord Street in Grayson six years ago.
"Six years of Bayso's. Good Lord," said owner Scott Menix.


A Day At The Races: Fueled By Friends & Family At Willard Kartway (26 photos)

With the sun in the sky on a Saturday afternoon, area kart-racing teams were not about to let a little cold wind get between themselves and the track at Willard Kartway.

Dirt Track Action: Willard Kartway (more than 40 photos)

The competition was hot, despite the cold winds, at Willard Kartway in Carter County Saturday, November 19, 2019 as racers got in what many expected to be their final laps of the season.

Changing The Lights: Grayson Fire Department

How many fire fighters does it take to change a high-tech light fixture?


One Day Sale at Wilma's

The team at Wilma's Dress Shop on Horde Street in Grayson are working with connecting customers with new arrivals and discount deals until the close of business today, November 9, 2019.

Hospice to offer Special Holiday Grief Program

Community Hospice will offer a special holiday community-based grief program. “Coping during the Holidays” is a seminar for anyone who has suffered a loss and is facing the holidays without their loved one.