"A Sunday Drive: Grayson to Old Town": by MICHELLE BRAND

 There is something both inspiring and relaxing about a Sunday Drive. Sundays in our family are a day for worship, dinner, naps and then a nice Sunday drive. A drive can be different things for different people.
It can be a way to see what's new in the neighborhood, how the crops are doing, the new baby farm animals in the pasture, who's place is for sale, who's in the field, what trees are blooming, etc...The list is endless. 
Maybe it's my rural up-bringing. We always went for a Sunday drive. Mom and dad in the front seat and us three kids in the back, craning our necks to see out the windows. 

When I was dating my husband we would go for a drive down a Nebraska black-top hi-way and I would say "Hey look, there's an eagle, prairie dog, baby foal, barn, cool old Victorian farmhouse, stand of cottonwood trees, sandbar in the river, loose-strife wildflowers, ducks on the pond, windmill, etc...

Then when we had our children, we would strap them into their car-seats, and off we would go. We would point out all of the things little boys love; heavy equipment including earth-movers and bulldozers, semi-trucks, tractors, horses, cows and McDonald's!

I guess I have never thought about it before, but Sunday drive's themes go with the seasons of our lives. Our children are older now, and we still are fortunate sometimes to have them with us for a drive, but the neat thing about it is now they enjoy taking time out from the stressful business of life to take themselves and a friend on a Sunday drive. How cool is that?

Story and Photos by MICHELLE BRAND
Carter County Post