Camera From A Car Window: Carter County Residents Finding Ways To Cope (10 photos)

In this time of social distance and self isolation, it does not hurt to have a sense of humor.

Local beverage shops report people are indeed purchasing Corona Extra beer as they wait out the coronavirus in Carter County.
Friday evening's Giovanni's pick-up customers chatted and maintained their distance while waiting for orders.
Sidewalk chalk provided parents and children artistic outlets and a chance to enjoy a pleasant afternoon.
Local "rock hounds" pointed themselves to favorite fields and streams.
This mother and child toured their quiet neighborhood with the help of a battery-powered remote-control vehicle.
Pardon the distance, this was a "drive by shooting" photographically.
Sometimes you just need to get out for a ride.
Many local churches increased efforts to reach out to those in need of assistance.
Encouraging words were safely shared.

Info and Photos by TIM PRESTON