Carter Christian Academy Holds 5th annual Appalachian Madness Tournament: by MICHELLE BRAND (28 photos)

Carter Christian Academy held their 5th annual Appalachian Madness Tournament on March 14, 2020 at the Hitchins gym.
The men's team played Adam's Jr. Varsity for the first game and then Adams Varsity for the second.  The CCA  men won both games and took home the first place trophy. 

The men's game All Tournament Team Awards went to:  Ethan Moore, Ashton  Prater, Johnny Zuidema. Luke Greenhill won the MVP award.  All four men are seniors this year.
 Teams participating in the Women's tourney hailed from the Tri-state region including:  Adams Christian, Sugar Creek Christian, Wesley and Carter Christian Academy. The Lady Warriors first match-up, was against Adams Christian.  CCA  took the win for their first game of the day.

 After Wesley and Adams played the consolation game, the Warriors took to the home-court hardwoods in the last game of the day, against their old rival Sugar Creek.

CCA took the win after a very physical ball-game battling to the low score of 35-30.  The last game of the season was hard-won and the endearing part of the story is that the girls enjoy friendships off the court.  The Sugar Creek women crashed the Warriors team photo during the awards ceremony and all the girls with big smiles posed together. 

 Now that's a great way to end the season!

Senior Grace Williams won the MVP award, while Taylor Mayo and Hayla Sparks won the All Tournament Team awards.

Story and Photos by MICHELLE BRAND