Grayson: Drive-In Fellowship (more than 40 photos)

 Local Pastor Kyle Burchett and others shared a small trailer stage beneath the old "Ralph's" sign Sunday (March 29, 2020) as a crowd of worshipers nearly filled the parking lot to enjoy a drive-in worship service on a sunny day.

Keeping their distance while sharing the bond, abundant blessings were shared as the words and songs were lifted up from the congregation of friends and strangers.

 Vocalist Franci Middleton battled dust and wind as she and singer Chrissy McBroom delivered a powerful performance prior to Pastor Burchett taking the stage.

 Those with sunroofs and seats in pickup beds seemed to especially enjoy the experience!

 The pastor also made a point of crediting two sound-technician professionals from Soundwave Productions for volunteering their time and equipment to help make the service happen.
Info and Photos by TIM PRESTON
Carter County Post