2020 Senior Shoutout: Chasity Hutchinson

My sweet girl! ❤ What a bright future you have!  You have made us all so proud of you in every aspect of life and I am so excited to watch you smash your goals, just as you have always done.

You are incredibly sweet, have the biggest heart of anyone I know, and genuinely care for others. You are the first to help anyone in need, whether they are your family or a total stranger walking along the road.  By doing such things, you are showing others the love of God in so many ways, and you just shine when you do.  Your love of your family, friends, strangers and God is incredible, and you aren't afraid to show it.

Not to mention, your academic achievements.  Throughout high school, you have taken every AP and honors class that was offered to you, along with college courses during this past year...and you absolutely rocked it.

Now, here we are, the last moments of your senior year.   You will be graduating high school as a sophomore in college!  Oh kiddo, that is just amazing!  YOU are amazing!!!  Always look back at all of your memories you have had the chance to make.  Cherish those!  Think of all of the friends you have made, hold on to that.  Always remember the good times.  The laughter.  The days at the lunch table, the times you and Hannah roamed the halls, the fun you had with your teachers and what a helping hand you have always lended! Never change who you are and keep crushing those goals!


Mom & Dad