Blues Cheer Up Motorists: By MICHELLE BRAND (14 photos)

Motorists driving down Carol Malone Boulevard on Thursday afternoon were cheered up by the Blues-Rock inspired musical stylings of local musicians Tim Preston and Brad Green blasting through the speakers in the Antiques N Uniques parking lot on Carol Malone Boulevard.

 The two men plugged their guitars into the sound system engineered by Jim Wolford of Broken Drum Records and had a jam session.
The improvisational duo performed several variations of an original song about social distancing - "Keep Your Distance Baby".

"Keep your distance baby, gotta stay six feet away. Got to stay home with your family for at least a few more days," Preston sang. 

 Several guitars and a harmonica were the instruments of choice for the day.

 Motorists honked their horns and waved while customers and employees from the Auto Parts store listened from the parking lot next door.
Story and Photos by MICHELLE BRAND 
Carter County Post