"Hiking the Grayson Lake bed" By MICHELLE BRAND

 Have you ever been enjoying a day at the lake and wondered what was under the surface of the water? Like how deep is it here? Or what does the bottom of the lake look like? How may snagged fishing lines are under there?

You may be interested in how did Grayson lake come about? After a bit of research, I discovered that the lake was created in 1968 by the US Army Corps of Engineers. They built the dam (120 feet high) and the Little Sandy River's waters were contained to make the lake. The water cover 1,500 acres and is in both Carter and Elliott counties.

So it is a man-made reservoir but what a treasure it is. As you have probably noticed it is one of my family's favorite outdoor destinations!

This past weekend Husband, Daughter and I decided to enjoy the weather and take a hike. The lake was busy with others who felt the same. So we drove around to find a place where we could have a little nature to ourselves. We found the perfect spot over at the Camp Webb entrance. No one was in the parking lot, so we decided to walk out on the lake bed.

Winter water levels are still in place, so this end of the lake is a big sandy/muddy wide-open space to walk. We walked and took photos and enjoyed the quiet.

Walking hand in hand with husband, looking at animal and people tracks, drift-wood, decaying leaves, clam-shells, tree trunks,the remaining water in a shallow channel and a pair of Canada geese made for a beautiful interesting hike.

Why don't you sit a spell and look through my camera lens at God's nature and see exactly what is under the summer water's surface on the bottom of lake bed.

Maybe you can take the kids on a nature walk on the sandy flats. It's a great safe place to run and explore and get a few selfies! See what you can find on the lake bed!

Carter County Post