Grayson: "Safety Jam II" A Success

A group of local musicians who have never before shared a stage together split up the parking lot and front porch at Antiques N Uniques in Grayson Saturday (May 2, 2020) afternoon for a jam session.

Guitarist Brad Green was joined by bassist Mike Phillps and vocalist Will Wilhoit, allowing a partial reunion of local band The Hung Jury, as well as singer/songwriter/guitarist Louie McNeal, bassist Chip McGlone, guitarists Jerry Lee Brooks and Shawn "Iceman" Greene, and Tim Preston on harmonica/guitar/vocals.

 The jam session was hosted by Antiques N Uniques, Broken Drum Records and Carter County Post.

Brooks enjoyed the opportunity to play a 1953 Oahu Tonemaster lap steel guitar at the end of the jam session.

Info and Photos by TIM PRESTON 
Carter County Post