Sunday Drive - Carter Caves to Rt. 60: by MICHELLE BRAND

This week we started at Carter Caves State Park, just past the entrance. Locals know the spot, with the giant rock with the tree growing on it. A gorgeous white dogwood tree is in full bloom next to the big rock.The stream meanders along the side of the road.

After crossing the river there is a big turn with the limestone cliff jutting out over the roadway. Next comes a little farm with a red barn decorated with a quilt square.

Two good ole' trucks keeping each other company at the Kentucky Museum, a few more country barns, Fort Falls flowing out over a rock ledge, a converted schoolhouse and two western-looking old buildings finish up the drive.

I hope these stories inspire you to get out and enjoy the beautiful scenery that our little piece of Kentucky has to offer!

Story and Photo by MICHELLE BRAND (and family!) 
Carter County Post