We are cartercountypost.com

This is a new website and blog dedicated to stories and photos from Carter County, Kentucky. My name is Tim Preston, and I have volunteered to serve as community journalist, photographer and editor for this venture. For those who do not know me, please allow a brief introduction.

I grew up in Johnson County, near Paintsville,  Kentucky in the community of Thelma, which follows a section of the Levisa Fork of the Big Sandy River. My grandfather was a postmaster, country-store operator and VW Beetle mechanic, and my father is best known as an insurance salesman although he had many other jobs. My brothers are occupational therapists in Tennessee and my sister works here in eastern Kentucky in the world of mental health care.

At an early age, I worked at the country store which sat by the railroad tracks and the first of two spots where the road and the railroad overlapped. I sorted returnable pop bottles into wooden crates, priced items and placed them on shelves, swept the porch, made sandwiches of bologna and ham (and cheese) which I sliced myself. Those sandwiches were often made for men driving the coal trains, who could park those locomotives precisely at the little bridge across the ditch between the tracks and the store.

I also paid way too much attention to the men who showed up every morning to wait for the mail, often while sitting on the front porch trading stories and pocketknives.
"I'll tell you one thing, when cigarettes hit a dollar a pack I will quit smoking," one of those guys said in an earliest memory. The others wholeheartedly agreed. When a pack of Marlboros went to $1.10 a few weeks later, none said a word. Odd what a kid will remember, huh? I also earned extra money by selling copies of The Paintsville Herald and The Mountain Chronicle, pulling them in a red wagon to homes, the trailer park and the one set of apartment buildings in Thelma.

Years later, I went to work as a reporter for one of those two weekly newspapers. That paper has long since folded and the former offices have burned to the ground, but the people at the other paper adopted me and gave me a job at The Floyd County Times.

I have worked as a reporter and photographer since, with experience at several daily papers in the southern United States, earning numerous press awards and community recognitions along the way. I have written stories along a path which stretches from the real-world Mayberry of Mt. Airy, North Carolina and rambles into the sandhills and on to the coast and then back to beloved Appalachia.
I moved to Grayson with my wife in late 2017, shortly after being recognized as the Kentucky Small Business Advocate of the Year, and being named a Kentucky Ambassador. Our lives took a challenging turn on Christmas morning that year, and we continue to move forward in dealing with the ongoing hurdles. More about that as we move ahead, OK?

I quit smoking nearly two years ago. I no longer want a cigarette, but in my dreams, I still smoke.

For the record, I am not the owner of this online publication, which is not affiliated with, or obligated to, any other area media outlet in any way whatsoever. 

Carter County Post is an independent current events blog about Carter County. But, it is unique:

It's about Carter County, from residents of Carter County, being published (online) in Carter County. 

We hope to earn your support, trust, and friendship along the way as we attempt to share what is happening around our home- Carter County.